Canoe Plans

DIY plans for kayaks, canoes and other small boats

Build Your Own Canoe

There is something special about paddling a canoe you made yourself

Guillemot Kayaks offers curated canoe plans from some of the best small boat designers in North America. We offer complete instructions and plans for building your own beautiful wood strip canoe


A Canoe For All Seasons

Canoes are the one of the simple pleasures in life. Developed by the Native Americans as a lightweight, easy means of travel, the canoe is still one of the most gratifying devices for getting out on the water.

Tandem Canoe Plans

Mystic River Tandem Canoe

A classic tandem cruising canoe. Traditional lines with a modern efficient hull shape. Easy to paddle and beautiful to look at

Freedom 15-foot cedar strip canoe plans

Freedom 15-Foot Canoe

A modern, efficient pleasure canoe. Asymmetrical design for efficient paddling. A nice small tandem for esay day trips.

Nymph 12-foot pack canoe plans

Nymph Pack Canoe

What is not to love about a 20-pound canoe. Easy to carry, easy to use. If you want to go fishing a the far end of inaccessible pond, a boat you can carry for miles without breaking a sweat may be the best invention ever.

The Bible of Wood Strip Canoe Building 

Ted Moores refined the craft of woodstrip canoe construction to high art. In this new expanded edition provides all the details you need to build your own fine strip-planked canoe. Included are plans for 8 different canoes that you can build yourself

Canoecraft Book Front Cover

Build Your Own Canoe