Download Digital Kayak Plans PDFs

DIY plans for kayaks, canoes and other small boats

Petrel Play Kayak Plans PDF

Guillemot Kayaks offers a range of kayak plans for do it yourself boat builders. You can purchase pre-printed paper plans directly from our online catalog of kayak plans, or you can purchase digital plans in PDF or DXF format from the Guillemot Kayaks Shopify Site below:

Full Sized Boat Plans

Note: We sell digital plans in PDF or DXF format. The plans include full-sized drawings of the parts and forms needed to build the boat, as such they are best printed on a large format printer.

If you do not have access to a large format printer, visit where we sell full-size hard copy of all these plans printed and ready to use. You may also try printing these by “tiling” using your own printer and taping together the large pages.