Kayak Plans

DIY plans for kayaks, canoes and other small boats

Full Size Sea Kayak Plans:

The kayak form patterns are all drawn out at full scale. No lofting is required. The forms are drawn in full, not just one half, so no tracing is necessary. Kayaks built to these plans are being paddled world wide. The builds range from first-time wood workers to skilled carpenters.

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sea kayak plans
Wood Strip Canoe Plans

Complete Kayak Building Patterns:

All the patterns required to build the boat are provided. Each station is drawn out individually with no further copying is required to cut the forms. The plans are complete and ready-to-go, just glue them to a sheet of plywood or MDF and cut out around the lines to make the building forms.

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High Performance Kayak Designs:

The designs are created by a sea kayaker for sea kayakers. The first thought in each design is the performance. Each design is created using the latest technology to create the best performing, best looking sea kayaks available.

Solo microBootlegger Recreational Kayak Plans

Recreational Kayaks

Kayaks meant for calm water paddling, Recreational kayaks are generally shorter and more stable, featuring roomy and comfortable cockpits

Stitch and Glue Plywood Night Heron Sea Kayak Plans

Sea Kayaks

Intended for open water and longer trips, Sea Kayaks are narrower and faster, you can go out for a day trip or a week long trip

Great Auk Strip Built Tandem Sea Kayak Plans

Tandem Kayaks

A kayak built for two. Great for two people of un-equal strength when you want to stick together, or for two people to cover more distance faster.

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Thorough Instruction Books

Nick Schade is the author of two definitive books on building kayaks and small wooden boats using the strip-built or strip-planked method. Each book includes plans to build 3 different kayaks or small craft.

The Strip Built Sea Kayak Front Cover
Building Strip Planked Boats Front Cover