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Building Your Own Boat: A Beginner’s Guide to the Petrel Play SG

This Video introduces the viewers to the Guillemot Kayaks Workshop and outlines the process of building the Petrel Play SG, a kayak designed for both novices and experienced paddlers. The Petrel Play SG uses a beginner-friendly Stitch and Glue method, with pre-cut kits supplied by Chesapeake Light Craft. This design simplifies the building process and ensures precision. We discuss the boat’s robust construction, lightweight nature, and versatile handling, suitable for various water conditions. Nick also explores the rich design history, tracing its evolution from the Night Heron to the Petrel Play. Ultimately, the Petrel Play SG offers a customizable, high-performance paddling experience, designed to instill confidence and enhance the enjoyment of boat building and kayaking.

What Makes a Sea Kayak?

Tradition The articles in the late great print magazine “Sea Kayaker” featured articles of people doing multi day expeditions to far exotic places. Today’s legendary kayaks became legendary because of the legendary expeditions to remote shores in which they were used. The way to verify that a sea kayak is worthy of the modifier “sea”…
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