Whats in Your Kayak Plans

DIY plans for kayaks, canoes and other small boats

Each set of boat plans from Guillemot Kayaks comes with a roll of D-sized (24″ x 36″) drawings, typically 6 to 10 pages depending on the design. These drawing include all the forms and parts you may need drawn out at full size. Some plans come with extra instructions. The example below are the plans for the Petrel Sea Kayak

Petrel sea kayak plans
Petrel Strip Built Sea Kayak Plans Page 1

The first page of the plans is a “Builders Drawing.” This drawing includes three views of the boat:

  • Body Plan: The end view of the boat, one half showing the bow, the other half showing the stern.
  • Plan: The boat as viewed from above and below. This shows the deck layout as viewed from above and the hull shape as viewed from below.
  • Profile: The shape of the boat as viewed from the side.

This page may include overall measurements of the boat to help you locate various features.

Petrel Sea Kayak Plans Stacked Forms
Petrel Plans Page 2 – Stacked Forms

The second page of the plans typically includes a “stacked” view of all the forms. Since the boats are symmetrical from side to side, only one half is drawn. The stacked view includes the forms for the back half of the boat on one side and the front half on the other side.

This drawing can be used as reference if you have any uncertainty as to which form is which. There are also notes about setting up the forms on the strongback and descriptions of what various lines on the forms indicate.

The Following Plans Pages include:

Petrel Sea Kayak Plans Page 3
Petrel Plans Page 3
Petrel Plans Page 4
Petrel Plans Page 4
Petrel Plans Page 5
Petrel Plans Page 5

Full sized drawings of all the patterns and parts you will need to make the boat. This includes each of the forms drawn out completely at full size. With these patterns, you can use spray adhesive to tack them to your forms material and cut out around the lines without losing any accuracy.

Petrel Sea Kayak Plans Page 6
Petrel Plans Page 6
Petrel Sea Kayak Plans Page 7
Petrel Plans Page 7
Petrel Plans Page 8
Petrel Plans Page 9